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Vote! Cup

Vote! Cup

Vote! Cup


Vote! Cup
Image: Michael Corney
Cup Design: East Fork Pottery
Porcelain 3 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 3" with decal, 13 fl oz
For the longevity of your decal, please avoid the dishwasher.
Please note that cups are made to order. Your cup will ship within 3-4 weeks. 
Pictured is the front and back of one cup.

Michael Corney
The "Great"  is beginning to feel more like hate. My image was inspired by President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, last July. When he uttered the name of "he who shall not be named". The crowd boo'ed. His response?

Don't Boo. VOTE.

East Fork Pottery
We believe that this country is a stronger, richer, more beautiful place to live when we encourage, celebrate, and engage with our immigrant communities.  We believe that your income should not determine your access to high quality healthcare.  We believe that employers should be responsible for paying their employees a living wage.  We believe in the separation of Church and State.  We believe in a woman's right to choose when and if she has children.  We believe in the decriminalization of black bodies.  We believe in marriage equality. We believe in restorative justice. We believe that it's high time for young women in America to see their gender represented in the Oval Office.  And we are proud to stand alongside this group of progressive potters, and proud to support Hillary Clinton for our next President.