How is Community Being Reshaped by COVID-19?

The Democratic Cup is a slow activism project that uses handmade cups to encourage people to become active and engaged citizens in democracy. Our notions of community are changing radically in the face of this pandemic.

We can no longer have person-to-person conversations with strangers (like in this community discussion in Minnesota below) about tough issues because of social distancing, but we can still use them to create community online and talk more deeply at the kitchen table.

The cups have been collaboratively made by ceramic artists and illustrators based in the US who came together in 2016 to fight back against the erosion of civil liberties and rights. As a country, we need conversations and connections to reinforce the dignity and inclusivity of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and culture.

The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social change by generating positive political discourse. Join us in our effort to catalyze conversation, bring empathy back into politics, and to bring us together in this challenging time!

How is Community Being Reshaped by COVID-19?
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