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When will my cup be shipped?
We're making cups to order and it takes 3-4 weeks to make the cup. You'll receive a tracking number when your cup ships.

Is there a discount for multiple cups?
We've begun offering a 5% discount for 5-9 cups and 10% for 10 cups or more. 

Is my purchase of a cup tax-deductible?
No, we are not a 501(c)(3) organization and your purchase is not a charitable contribution or tax deductible.

What's the deal with shipping?
We use carrier calculated shipping, in which they use the weight and zip code to determine cost in real time. To cut down on abandoned carts, we've knocked the handling charge back to $5  (from $10) per order, even though it costs $10 to get the work packed up safely.

Here's the break down based on $12/hr worker.
$4 packaging materials/stickers/ink
$5 packing time, labeling, administrative time on multiple orders, and delivery to the post office (UPS charges for pickup)
$1 cushion for larger orders which take way more time.

We do ship internationally.

How can we share our experiences with the cups?
Please tag your posts with #thedemocraticcup. Don't forget the "THE". We're particularly interested in videos and will be reposting your great captures onto our feed in order to share what conversations are happening out there.

Who will receive donations from this project?
Short answer: Progressive Nonprofits Organizations
Long answer: Rather than identify specific organizations before selling the cups, we decided on a more democratic approach – let purchasers decide how to allocate donations by voting for the issues they care most about. Based on the poll results, we will allocate funds available for donation to nonprofit organizations whose missions and work address the issues. 

When will you donate the money?
After we cover our costs. 

How much money are you trying to raise?
As much as possible, but we need to first cover our costs. After deducting the cost of ceramic, website, and video production, we will donate ALL of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations. Other than paying employees, all of us are volunteering our time- cumulatively totaling hundreds of hours. 

How many cups are you making and how long will they be for sale?
The cups are all limited edition, though we can't say exactly when production will end. We would like to continue making cups as long as we can in order to raise money for nonprofits. Unfortunately, the election will not end the need to address the issues we care about. 

There there exchanges or refunds?
No, unfortunately, because this is a limited edition, our staff is tiny, and much of the time going into this project is purely volunteer, we cannot afford to accept exchanges or refunds.