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Our Mission

The Democratic Cup is a slow activism project that uses handmade cups to encourage people to become active and engaged citizens in our democracy. We encourage person-to-person civil conversations about social and political issues. As a country, we need conversations and connections to reinforce the dignity and inclusivity of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and culture. The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social change by generating positive political discourse.

The Democratic Cup is also a fundraising campaign for progressive causes through the sale of limited-edition handmade cups designed by a passionate team of renowned illustrators and potters. Icons, heroes, and conversation-starters like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, bell hooks, Sojourner Truth, and Bernie Sanders adorn each cup.

Two Collections

We now have two different collections. A Classic line of 22 different collaboratively made cups in our online store and All Hands on Deck, a series of decals that any ceramic artist or anyone with access to a kiln can fire onto their own work. 

The Classic cups have been collaboratively made by 32 ceramic artists and illustrators based in the US who want to counteract the Trump administration’s assault on civil liberties and civil rights. We began selling these cups in September of 2016.

In March of 2017, we launched All Hands On Deck decals in order to broaden the project. We want more artists involved and more civic discourse happening at all levels. We are interested in civic engagement and how we can use our own work to both find common ground and resist the policies of Trump's administration.

The Organizers

Founded in March of 2016, The Democratic Cup project is the brainchild of artists Ayumi Horie of Maine and Nick Moen of North Carolina. Both dismayed by the toxic rhetoric of the 2016 Presidential campaign, Horie and Moen had the idea to try to bridge the gap between what increasingly seem like polarized sides of the political spectrum. Ayumi has gathered together 32 of the best ceramic artists and illustrators in the US to collaborate on cups and Nick is heading up the fabrication team at his new design production studio, The Bright Angle.

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Social Engagement

This project aims to create productive, respectful conversations between users of our cups. We would love images and videos documenting your conversations.


What We Support

We believe in the kind of freedom and democracy that allows all communities to be healthy, and for everyone to have the chance to grow and thrive. We believe in freedom of the press, science, and the dignity of all human beings. We think that women should be given the same opportunities as men, and that women's health and the right to choose are fundamental rights. We believe that it is time for Black Americans and other Americans of color to have the same chances as white Americans to succeed. We believe that racism must be faced deliberately and persistently. We believe that America is still a land of opportunity and we want to see the immigration system reformed to make it possible for all people from all nations to have a fair and expedited chance to become citizens. We want gun reform so that, for example, children are safe in schools and women face fewer domestic abuse fatalities.  We want LGBTQ families to enjoy the same rights and privileges as heteronormative families. We also want science to drive environmental policy and for our Nation's leaders to begin making and enforcing changes to counteract climate change.

At the end of the fundraising campaign, all of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations that are consistent with the causes we think are most pressing in this political season. Donors to the campaign will be able to cast their vote to help us determine the recipient nonprofits. When customers check out, they'll be sent a link to the survey. We will announce the recipient organizations after the first donation.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to United States Artists for the seed money for making this project possible. Thanks also to Anna Metcalfe and Janine Grant for their research on this project and Laurie Harris for her photographs from The Bright Angle.


Email us at thedemocraticcup--AT--gmail--DOT--com

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