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Town Hall decal

First Amendment Decal

Town Hall Decal by Klai Brown

 First Amendment Decal by David Gordon 

The All Hands On Deck Decal Collection is an initiative to further unite pottery and activism. By handing out free decals, it seeks to broaden the number of artists involved with The Democratic Cup and to increase the number of conversations taking place around the country. Read more here.

The decals are free and available to anyone who wants to fire them onto their own cups. In exchange, we ask that artists do have conversations and share their experiences via social media by linking to us and tagging us. 


The All Hands on Deck Decals are black, not blue and opalescent white like our classic collection. So far, we have two decals- Town Hall drawn by Klai Brown and First Amendment by David Gordon.  We want to address civic literacy and promote active and engaged citizenship. More decals will slowly be added to the collection. 

To get a decal, send a note about which decal you'd like and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to: The Bright Angle Studio
Attn: Decals
207 Coxe Ave
Studio 15
Asheville, NC 28801

How to Apply Decals

What you'll need:
-work in a clean, dust-free area with bright light
-lint-free paper towel like a blue shop towel
-soft rib (like a Mudtools red rib)
-distilled water
-clean dish

Before you start
Please cut out the logo and decal. Cut close to the decal (1/8-1/4" from line). Round out the corners to discourage the decal from peeling up. For the Town Hall decal, cut the three signs apart so you can position the signs to fit your cup.  The yellow cover coat will burn off, it's just dyed that way so you can see the decal as you apply it. Decide where you'll apply the tiny logo- it won't stick very well to an unglazed area.

-wash hands to get any oil off
-wipe down area to be decaled with rubbing alcohol
-distilled water into clean dish (tap water will leave a ghost ring of minerals behind)
-warm up the cup with either hot water or in the microwave with water. (not hot, this will melt the decal)
-remove the glassine and soak the decal for 15 secs then transfer to paper towel (this is your holding tank) and wait for it to release. Be careful not to forget about the decal and lose track of which way it goes. there's only gum on one side.
-when it can slide apart from the paper it's ready
-empty out warm cup and apply a bit of distilled water to surface where you're applying the decal (this will let you reposition the decal)
-slide the decal onto the pot
-position it using more water if needed
-from the middle of the decal start applying pressure from middle to sides of decal with a very soft rib or paper towel. Make sure the rib is wet or it can tear the decal
-the goal is to get the air and water out from under the decal
-smooth out all wrinkles with pressure and patience
-there's a limited amount of time to apply the decal before the gum starts to set up
-if you make a mistake, put more water on until the decal releases, then reposition
-after you get all the bubbles out, use paper towel to soak up any extra water
- air dry for 24 hours
-if there are bubbles under the surface, prick them with a pin. Otherwise any trapped air or water will expand and burst the decal when firing. 
-preheat for 1-2 hours
-fire to cone 011 slow or medium

Thank you to our Anonymous Donor who made this initiative possible!