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Everyone Welcome Cup

Everyone Welcome Cup

Everyone Welcome Cup


Everyone Welcome Cup
Image: Kate Bingaman-Burt 
Cup Design: Nick Moen
Porcelain 4 1/2" x 1/2" x 4" with decal, 20 fl oz
For the longevity of your decal, please avoid the dishwasher.
Please note that cups are made to order. Your cup will ship within 3-4 weeks. 

Kate Bingaman Burt
EVERYONE WELCOME. To quote President Obama: "Immigrants aren't somehow changing the American character, immigrants are the American character" EVERYONE WELCOME.

Nick Moen
Because of the bipartisan nature of our system I think the largest thing missing in American politics is empathy. Empathy and understanding can only come through conversations and shared experiences. So, how do those conversations start? With this project we are encouraging this vessel to be a means of self expression. We know that this project will provide an opportunity to explain what these special images are and provide a platform for constructive discourse.

I think we are living in a terrifying time. I was told to trust the system. Unfortunately, I am incredibly impatient, and the way the system was set up to function was in a painfully slow manner. So, here we are in 2016 in a pivotal time for human rights and our relationship to the rest of the world and the environment. I think having a political voice goes beyond your involvement at the polls. Outside of voting, the political system is ultimately shaped by a cultural understanding of what is good for the future of our country.