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Makers Making Social Change

Makers Making Social Change

After months of organizing artists, drawing images, and designing forms, we're about to launch a shop which will feature the first twelve cups. Some of the cups are collaborations between pairs of artists, other cups are singular.

What binds us all together is a belief that what we do as artists can affect positive change in the world. We believe that countering the racist and fear-mongering language around this year's election is an imperative that we can not in good conscience ignore and that using our skills as makers and illustrators will make the world a better place by opening up dialogue.

Co-organizing The Democratic Cup are Ayumi Horie in Maine and Nick Moen in North Carolina. The drawing and organizational aspects have been headed up by Ayumi and Nick has tackled the fabrication of the cups. Because of the distance and the visual decisions that need to be made, we've been using Hangout to meet. Here, Shannon and Ayumi fit print outs of the decals to the cups. 

Nick has been making molds all summer of cups that have been designed by ten of the best ceramic artists in the country. The cups will be slipcast from a mid-range translucent porcelain body. They'll feel great in the hand and be ready for all of you who want to use them to open a conversation with a friend or a stranger. 



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