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Vota! Cup

Vota! Cup

Vota! Cup


Vota! Cup
Image: Sandra Trujillo 
Cup Design: KleinReid
Porcelain 3 1/4" x 4 5/8" x 3 7/8" with decal, 14 fl oz
For the longevity of your decal, please avoid the dishwasher.
Please note that cups are made to order. Your cup will ship within 3-4 weeks. 
Pictured is the front and back of one cup.

Sandra Trujillo
I hope that I get to see Hillary Clinton elected to represent the U.S. as our President. I hope that folks who choose to carry a cup from private places into public spaces bearing the imagery or stamp of powerful women will also affect some amount of change.  Let’s face it: it just takes guts to carry a politically charged coffee cup to work.  It will transform your desk, it may begin a conversation, and it just may get stolen.

James Klein and David Reid
We wanted to create a generous, go-to mug — friendly to the hands and lips.  

A friend’s 7 year-old daughter was shocked and confused that there isn’t an African American on the ballot for president this year.  That’s how quickly minds can change.  12 years of sustained leadership will change what a generation thinks is normal — what they expect in a government.  We are excited to have Hillary as our next president to continue the work Obama has done.