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'Til Death Do Us Part- Lesbian Couple Cup

'Til Death Do Us Part- Lesbian Couple Cup

'Til Death Do Us Part- Lesbian Couple Cup


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'Til Death Do Us Part- Lesbian Couple Cup
Image: Kathy King
Cup Design: Alex Reed
Porcelain 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" x 3" with decal, 13 fl oz
For the longevity of your decal, please avoid the dishwasher.
Please note that cups are made to order. Your cup will ship within 3-4 weeks. 
Pictured is the front and back of one cup.

Kathy King
This election cycle has been a horror show. That is really sad, as I love horror shows. I am deeply afraid for our country in regards to issues of social justice, sorting individuals due to their religious beliefs, sexual preference or identity. The “Tyg” cup created by my partner is an historical form designed for community use and sharing. Using function as the base of the narrative, I drew two men and two women in period dress offering a wedding ring – a sign of love and commitment. Regardless of which pairing is on the cup, each couple should enjoy their right to marriage in our country. I hope to remind us all of how close we could be to losing these newly acquired rights if this election is not won by Hillary Clinton.

Alex Reed
I'm particularly troubled by how fear is used to move people towards hate. This cup design is about people coming together, sharing, and connecting. This design suggests that through simple human communion, we can conquer fear and hate. The Tyg, also known as the passing cup or loving cup, is a historical form designed to be used by multiple drinkers in a communal setting. I hope that people will use this cup to share, to drink together, and to build community.