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37 Steps to Make a Democratic Cup

37 Steps to Make a Democratic Cup

If you've ever wondered what it takes to make a cup from start to finish, we've outlined the steps in our slipcasting and decal process. 

Looking at the list, there are some steps that only need to be done once such as formulating the casting slip, but the majority of steps need full attention and might have sub-steps. We strive to create the most beautifully crafted object that we can based on skill and experience.

Special thanks to The Bright Angle design studio for all their hard work. 

Set Up and Mold Making

1) Designers make prototypes

2) Make first working mold

3) Make rubber master mold from first working mold

4) Make multiple working molds from master mold

5) Illustrators make multiple iterations of illustrations

6)  Translate illustrations to silver and cobalt decals

7)  Have decals screen printed

Making the Cups

8)    Formulate a porcelain recipe and glaze recipe that fit

9)    Mix powders into casting slip

10)    Adjust porcelain slip for proper casting thicknesses for each cup

11)    Fill working molds of both handles and cups

12)    Wait for proper thicknesses

13)    Pump porcelain back into tank

14)    Let cups and handles dry to soft leather hard in mold

15)    Pull cups and handles from mold

16)  Clean handle seams

17)  Attach handles

18)  Clean up seams

19)  Load and

20) Fire bisque kiln

21)  Unload kiln

22)  Sand and wash bisqueware

23) Mask off unglazed areas

24)  Glaze pots 

25)  Wipe glaze from bottoms and masked areas

26)  Load glaze kiln

27) Fire glaze kiln

28) Unload glaze kiln

29)  Cut decals from decal sheets

30)  Wipe cup surfaces with rubbing alcohol

31)  Apply decals and dry

32)  Load decal kiln

33) Fire decal kiln

34) Unload decal kiln

35)  Sand bottoms

36)  Pack

37) Label and Ship



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